Ding. You have got a USB desk Bell. Version 2!

฿ ฿ Now accepting Bitcoin ฿

Live video stream from the Raspberry Pi using nginx and rtmp-module

Starting with Microsoft Azure Cloud and Visual Studio 2012 Web Express is Easy and Free!

Running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on Azure for Free.

Microsoft Server 2012 for everyone running anywhere. Easy to install and packed with great new features!

.NET C# code for simple password complexity checking and preventing use of well known passwords!

The Ultimate *cheap* Server Setup (Usenet, NewzNab, Couch Potato, Sickbeard, IIS, PHP, FreeNAS and so much more ...)

Android 4.1 Mini PC - Another arrival from China

Texas Instruments CC2533 - 18months and 3 revisions later. Everybody is anxious!