Problems with Atomic Timers...

MSF Time -- no luck

I spent the last 4 nights trying to figure out the problems why my MSF time module will not decode the bleeping signals. I ripped apart some code and debugged it in C without any debuggint tools.. yay-- and for some reason the amount of bits-and the polarization of bits that come back over 59seconds is jsut always wrong. I suspect the way the code add these to the array is wrong by 1 bit somewhere. I jsut could not be asked any more to try and work out wtf is wrong with it... so i did the next best thing.

I got a RTC_DS1307 timer - the exact same ones that are used in motherboards for over a decade now to keep out time synchroned even after power outages.

It uses an I2C protocol - its a bus that can handle several devices by looking up an ID on that bus and the ascociated data tha comes back to ad from it. No need to go into details because its complicated.. but the best thing is its 4 wires and it works- after minutes- which 8 were soldering pull up resistors - 2 minutes to get the timer set- and it works.

I used this quick tutorial


I used this Arduino Library (JeeLabs)

So I have my time sorted out- I will just implement a screen to set the time up-  Too bad it could not just sync it self ...  I am still left with adjusting day light time saving- so i suppose its not a tragedy.

I have already found some good material on how to use my  Byron wireless switches-  some people have gone to the effort to reverse engineer allot of the 433mhz AM protocol they use- and thanks to them it will be just plug and play with that.

Today my 4D screen got shipped form down under- and in a few days i will be able to start getting a complete package up and running with all these goodies

  • Next is building a low power weather station to send outside temp and humidity and possibly a UV sensor.