Home Information System

After a few month of owning the Arduino prototyping hardware, i have finally come up with an idea that is beneficial and freaking awesome.

Long term goal is to build something like a Home automation system but more like a Home Information System "HIS"? - Anyway, what it is going to be is a 3.2" Touch panel with a 4D-System with dedicated Graphics engine- that renders graphics using simple string sent via TTL! So that is my user inteface sorted. Behind the scenes I am going to synchronise my time to Cumbria's MSF Atomic clock using one of these and syncronise it to a sime RTC module that will keep time like in any watch or computer.. but i will never have to set it. Using a 433mhz tranciever I am going to try and control several wireless plugs for outside lighting, get a feed from an outside thermoeter and humidity sensor.

This whole project actaully started when i wanted to change my central heating's old fashioned heat control knob. So , yea- the main function of this is temperature control.

So today i got my Atmoic Clock receiver and I am going to go and test it on the Arduino and hopefully publish some code for Decoding Cumbria's 60Khz MSF atomic clock broadcast signal.