Vaio Notebook frame.. VAIO PCG-C1VE

Here we have world class laptop
Built in CCD camera,
8 Inch (16:9) widescreen,
Transmeta 0.6 Ghz TM5600,
128MB 100 SDRAM,
ATI 3D Rage Mobility,
Super stylish Sony VAIO pcg-c1ve will only cost you £1274 (2000AD)

Back in the day .. this was the future... ;-]
Any way one of these models manged to become an orphan in my workshop,and nobody wanted the poor guy...
So i started thinking, unscrewing...

This is what i had to work with...

Nice 16:9 lcd screen.. Luckily 2.5inch HDD technology..
Basically its guts on a plate :)

After allot of unscrewing, taking things apart, measuring and pondering. I went down to
my local art gallery and my best friend made me an amazing frame!
Whoa this is what i landed up with..


After a few hours of soldering, tinkering, breaking other parts, glue-ing and more tinkering..
I have a beautiful Google Slideshow photoframe that download pictures from any RSS Feed ;-)

This is how the i gave this sony a new home and a great purpose..
Im not done yet.. i have few more software tweaks and ill post a video..

Wireless G, Bluetooth, Battery powered, Speakers, 4GB Card Flash (instead of noisy hard drive) save some wattage aswell, 4 ports of usb power.
Fully contrallable via Iphone, Itunes, Windows remote desktop and bluetooth desktop control :-)



ArnĂ© Klopper said…
lol, nice one boet!
Excellent... my suggestion would be to use Logitech Server as a remote control / mouse from an Iphone