Vaio Notebook frame.. PART II

Finally got the time to finish this projects.

Bought an 8GB Compact flash 50mb/s Card to use as my SSD Drive :)
and finally can use it in the CF-2-IDE i got from china for 99pence :-]

Now time to load GHOST 32 and restore the image i made from the orignal HDD

Close up of how it looks with the low power 'SSD'

TADA... The Final effect.. which i achieved ages ago.. But now it can run on battery power for upto 1 Hour, using WIFI to download images from my Picasa account, as opposed to 10minutes before. Just to make a note im using the orignal batteries which may be several years old...

Case Closed

Soon- My 15.4" Touch screen :-]

-Edit 31/07/2012
That day has finally come and I will be making a 19" Picture frame using RaspberryPI - Links coming soon I hope.