The mystery of why coke is bad for your teeth is un-convered! And why a canned one tasted different to Plastic Bottle one..

Over the past years i have heard people saying that the sugar in the the Pop Drinks Cola,Sprite,7 up is the main victim of why your teeth dissolve. You have seen the videos of Coke'a'Cola dissolving rust of screws; dissolving meat and even actuall teeth (animal i suppose)

Now I have never actaully accepted this theory to the end. I mean- i took normal tap water chucked kilos of sugar and poured that over a rusty screw... it actually made more of a mess than any good.
Ok- Now Pop Drink (not just cola) does actually strip some material off rusty screws--but trust me- from experience on working on Vintage cars- this is no method to loosen them 40 year old rust fused bolts!

Pop Drinks destroy your teeth like no tommorow - its not caused by the sugar contents how ever. I personally know somebody that drank upto 6litres of cola a day- every day for 2 years. He needed new teeth afterwards- honestly they were completely dissolved away with just a few tips left- he has false teeth now and no more fizzy drinks for him...

Ah its the bubbles in the fizzy drinks (Carbon Dioxide CO2) that destroy your teeth and can cause some sort of poisoning because you will adsorb all the CO2. False, them bubbles are forced into the water but dont actaullt bind with H20. The bubbles actaully seep through plastic bottles and go flat over a long period of time-even factory sealed. hence xpiration date(1 reason)

Tin, Plastic and Glass pop fizzez all taste different! Yes indeed . i bet you can agree to this statement aswell. This is one of the main reason what makes these drinks so volatile to your teeth and internal organs. Have you ever heard anybody say that Tinned drinks taste the best? Ill explain why.

All these speculations, facts and myths are caused by one tightly guarded and never admitted to secret ingredient.

The water!

What you say?!
-This is true. The water used in 90% of pop and fizzy drinks is Distilled or Reverse Osmosis Water.
80% of people dont know what kind of water this is.
Now take a fizzy drink and read the ingredients. My coke can says , Carbonated Water.. (yea,water from where and what properties does it have... great? ) Sugar, (ohh this is sooo bad for your teeth teeth - not the whole truth!). and other rubbish to confuse you and make you think its some kind of secret ingredients to make cola taste nice. They are usually just colour additives and preservatives.

*Revesre Osmosos Water is water that is filtered. Normal municipal water that is forced thorugh a series of Filters, activated carbon(removes chlorine), 5micron filters(removes micro pollutants) and a RO Membrane (This membrane strips everything out of the water, minerals, salts, chloramines, silicates, phosphates) making water %98 pure. WIKI
*Distilled water has the same properties as RO water but the process is water is evaporated and caught making it pure (more expensive method) WIKI

Wow.. so how can Pure water be bad for you -- its Pure! Its better than tap water or any srping water.

Think of it this way. Alcohol mixed with other ingredients can make up a good drink (all in reason obvious,excessive alcohol is bad) but take a swag at %99 alcohol and it will burn right through your tounge, throat and stomache. - However its good to disinfect surfaces..

The same principil applies to water- normal mineral water or tap water consumed everyday with additives tastes good and can even be healthy depending what you mix with it. Pure water however jsut like alcohol has completely different properties and uses. Some people use RO/DI water to detoxify the body.. keep on reading below ..

** References- Misleading article  <- Detox should not last longer than 2 weeks - Read further details here

The problem here is that pure water is JUST H20. De-Ionised and ready to bind with anything you give it. Salts, calcium,magnesium (all very good for your body in traces) But this water does not have it.

Good Water is meant to have trace minerals such as
- Calcium and Magnesium (Helps keep the water alkaline- good for your health)
- Sodium (Buffer agent that absorbs other chemicals that can cause water to change PH)
- Trace minerals (All the stuff that makes water taste nice- and trace elements that are very good for your body)
- Calcium (The stuff your teeth and bones are made from-Different levels depending on area)
- Silicates (Food for organic plants such as algae and single cell organisms-not relevant to Humans)
- Trace Metals (Also healthy for humans- kills certain germs and virus's but also needed for chemical reactions that help build/ rebuilt your body)

What actually happens when you drink 98% clean water. Once it goes into your mouth it starts a chemical process, the molecules start to absorb its surrounding.
So - your teeth are first.. woow Calcium.. it starts to strip your teeth of its calcium residue and bonds to the H20 Molecules.
Later, it gets your stomach (the water conatins zero buffer agents) and instantly turns from Nuetral/Alkaline to Acidic Ph <7. Acidic water is very bad for you!

Just by letting RO/DI water stand in an open container for a few hours it slowly starts turning Acidic. Why, because its absorbind the CorbonDioxide from the Air. Once again no buffering agents in the water will cause it to turn Acidic.

This is exactly the same reason why bottled pop tastes different from Tin pop. Over time the RO/DI water used in making the drink absorbs either the plastic or tin elements. Water can still exchange gas in Plastic bottles(newer plastics reduce this but sill occurs).

So infact the most original tasting Pop fizz will be from a Glass bottle.
*Glass is made from Silicates-which is a natural occuring mineral in Spring water any way. But RO/DI water will not absorb anything friom glass
*Glass does not allow any exchagne of gas. So bubbles will stay in and CarbonDiOxide will stay out.

In conclusion - the combination of chemicals, sugar and Reverse Osmosis Water or Distilled used in making fizzy pop drinks causes reactions that greatly contribute to decay of your teeth, the absorption of essential trace minerals from your body and can cause internal damage.

If you have a water filter installed in your home- make sure its not installed with a RO Membrane!! Just use the micro/macro filters in conjunction with Activated Carbon (this removes chlorine and flouride sued by water companies to keep water clear, but can be harmfull to you)

This page clearly shows how companies are misleading people into believing RO water is good. Their article clearly states that all the minerals are very important to your health but then they say that most US water is dirty and RO unit clean it out.They even say that its not true that most mineral intake come from water(which is a fact) - There is no mention of the properties of RO water though. Its Pure so its healthy you assume to yourself. Another Unit sold.. chaching Look Here

If you insist to drink RO/DI water atleast do some more research- go and buy additives (widley available in online shops) that add buffers and trace minerals and elemnts that will benefit your health.

Next time you drink Fizzy drinks- check if they use  mineral water or Distilled/RO water.. go for mineral water....


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