3D Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi Sample Code

The 3D Xmas Tree for Raspberry Pi from The Pi Hut is a quite a clever PCB design. The example photo shows it bundled on a full sized Pi but it looks much "cuter" as many put it, on a Pi Zero.
You can purchase these from Pi Hut here, but only in December and there are limited amounts of stock
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The great thing with this PCB is that you write your own code to illuminate each on of the 25 LEDs on the board. The Pi Hut provide a nice, simple "twinkle" effect running with Python and gpiozero library

If you are looking for some more examples I have collated the examples from the reviews on Pi hut and had allot of other users contribute interesting code, for example Morse Code XMAS Tree!

I have also made an expanded Wiki, FAQ and diagnostic Python scripts if you seem to be having trouble getting started.

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