Chromecast great potential? That is about it...

I bought a Chromecast thinking the best would come out of it. My opinions are based as a super user that really puts things to the high end test, especially that this is a Google product, a company with hundreds of millions of dollars and what it seems like a black hole of insight to what users want.

Firstly, users want an easy way to stream their screen from any device. Well Chromecast is pseudo streamer, if compared to the Airport from Apple. It works here and there but the resolution is pretty bad. If you get into the experimental window you can tweak this, but what "I" really wanted is to cast my display devices to the TV, not just a tab or something like that. That is cutting edge and worth bragging about! (And keeping closed source)

Secondly, if they only went with WiFi, why the heck did they not use the latest Wireless AC protocol that can manage up to 1GBS using several channels from existing routers. I got a box standard BT "Smart" router, not that smart, but that is what most people use. I managed to tweak the data transfer of my WiFi to 35mbs on N single channel. I didn't test 40Mhz N because most of my other devices wont connect so its pointless. If I had the option I would buy a new AC router and run the old BGN for legacy. But it doesn't even support 5Ghz so its a bummer.

Thirdly, cannot extend it. I mean, really, if the USB port was a super micro USB 3, I could use a HUB and connect a compatible 1GBS Lan and power it off there. Its a bit like developing code that doesnt follow OO methodologies. Umm, a like like PHP? sigh

Those are the main reasons for me to NOT like the Chromecast. :( I expected more from Google.

It would be enough to look at the Raspberry community and see what kind of issues they are trying to solve and the most common problems. I think instead of solving them, they just "patented" them.

I getter better experience from using YouTube on my Smart TV, which is also WiFi. Better quality video? Why? I don't know.

I get it - Its still in beta but I don't see what Google has brought to the game with the Chromecast. There is nothing new here. No new streaming technologies, No new technology at all.

User interface, I must give it to them. Integrates well with everything and super easy to set up.

Ehh., my final score 4/10 for Chromecast. 
Raspberry Pi still close to king at 7.5/10 for embedded devices!

Its small and looks nice but inside, it is plain old fashioned. These chips have been around for a few years now and offer nothing new.