How to install Windows Server on Linux only dedicated hosting (Alteron.NET)

It is exciting when you find a cheap dedicated server, like OVH/Kimsufi offer. But if you are a Windows/IIS type of super user then that excitement fades away, because there are no Windows installations available on these servers. Most likely due to licensing fees.

At this time I got my self the biggest Atom server, N2800 with 4GB RAM, 2 X 500GB hard drives and a full symmetric, uncapped 100MB internet connection, all for about 13Euro a month. If you want to host a few MVC websites, Express SQL then this sounds ideal! Azure should really offer us small guys a package like this.

Well, I searched and found a company called Alteron.Net (Like them on FaceBook) (Website) who have a few tricks up their sleeve, and for about 35USD they will install a selected version of Windows (Server or 7) onto some of these boxes for various hosting providers.

So I paid them and within 2 hours they setup everything. Great, So I RDP in and broke it within 5 minutes. Shit! I tried to create soft mirrored disks and the whole thing crashed. I kindly requested if they could reinstall the image because I noobed out and ... No problem, these guys are sooo nice that they whipped up a new special way for 2012 Standard to use soft mirroring on  both the disks, and reinstalled everything for me!

So even now if one HDD dies I just request a HDD replace, reboot and resynchronise! OK- It might cause a bit of down time.. but I am absolutely fine with that!

An Atom server is far from ideal. Think about it though, a full Windows Server for 13 Euro? Heck, why not just get a Dual Core or bigger, it still at incredibly low price!

I just had to let everybody in the world know how chuffed I am with this!

Keep up the good work Alteron! 


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