Filtering JavaScript object data using jQuery.. but there is a better way!

In an attempt to move data and processing to the client side so that we can start to ease of server side ajax processing, I ran into a slight problem. How do i easily filter data on the client?

jQuery has a .filter()  method but that really is best used for DOM manipulation. Using the .each() method seems like the next step- but it horribly slow and the logic in comparing data will become like massive if statemented and case selects.

I came across CrossFilter which is freaking amazing.. but not really what I need. Also found a fantastic HTML5 plugin HTML5 Pivot by LobsterPot but it requires static precompiled CXML data.. not what i need.

Feeling almost lost in the cause I kind of accidetnaly landed up on with an amazing plugin that is well associated within a .NET developer LIFE!

Click on the linq umm Link to see for yourself. It blew me away!