Romotive Romo PCB Schematic

Yay- So my Romotive does not work... So lets hack it.


ATiny861 Pinout

Romotive PCB- Click for nice 8MP Macro shot.

Romotive Pin-out for Programming and Debugging

Romotive Extra Pins
These pins make no sense to me yet. Especially that pins 20,19 the ones used for Serial Communication seem to be connected to ... nothing?

Link to website <-- I thought these were the motors but they are actually 100:1- Still good link to have

56:1 Micro Geared Motor (100-1 - the rest is the similar)
Part# 0-GM11A

Typical operating voltage 1.7-5.0VDC (tested upto 9v & 12v works fine apparently)
No load speed 480 rpm 
No load current 300 mA 
load current 550 mA +/- 30% 
Starting torque 11.1 oz-in (800 g-cm) 
True gear ratio 56.8:1 
Shaft Size 3mm diameter. 7.4mm (.29") long 
Size 0.47" x 0.39" x .94 (12mm x 10mm x 24mm) 
Weight 7.8 grams (0.27 oz)

Motor Pin-outs
Right Motor (Pins 3,4)

Left Motor (no pic) (Pins 1,2)

NB! Motor shares some of the same pins for programming the Atmel chip. I am not sure yet if the motors can stay connected while being flashed...

Audio Input
It uses an amplification chip. R4558


Looks like Electrical Engineering on Stack Exchange is giving a shot at reverse engineering Romo  too :-)

 Hey- Maybe they forgot to programme mine :-(