Programming Romo the Romotive Robot using AVR Studio 5.1

Using a Compatible STK500 programmer with AVR Studio 5.1 I am one step closer to re programming Romotive with my own firmware. It is almost like jumping off a bungee the first time.. You know it is going to awesome.. You are just scared get it over with. In this case, as of this post- There is nor original firmware available to flash it back to its original self...

First Attempt to cotrol Romo with my own Code

 Second attempt making him drive straight for 7seconds. wait 3.

I optimised my Source Code and got it ready for UART incomming signals. But because the Romotive uses a 20Mhz crystal, the UART bits are all messed up and I need to find another way to decode the signals correctly.. So for now he is sitll driving straight and all happy :)