free-dash for freeNAS by Piotr Kula - An Even easier to download!

Recently I got a great deal on an HP -Micro server put FreeNAS7 onto it, installed 4x1TB into RAID-5 giving me enough storage space with a nice redundancy.

Followed a fairly simple guide or two to get SABnzdb, coachpotato, sickbear and earphones installed.

That is all amazing but soon found my self typing in my ip iwth port numbers, needing to press back to get from sabnzdb to coachpotato, then retyping again to get to the admin panel.

So I started poking about and found an amazing library created by the freenas community, did a `php require` and inherited the vastness of power.

I started with a simple `index.php` with static links and un-organized bunch of JavaScript bullying local API resources of the underlying services.

This is what I came up with- And if you have freeNAS7 (possibly works on 8?- not checked yet - keep in touch with the wiki) just download the the trunk, put it in your web server root and edit the `bin/config.php` and it will already show you mostly what you want(well at least what i wanted)

The concept will be to just download and overwrite the existing PHP files.. and any changes, add-ons will be work straight away (without overwriting the config.php though.. this will still evolve somehow)

You can visit my live site - the build is intended to be read only.. any links for internal admin will not work from the internet but when i am at home there is not problem.

This is an early version - but i envisage a nice skin for normal pc media and smartphone. Obviously there are still things missing to other services .. but all in good time. I hope this project will take off and will get some good interested from the freeBSD community .. possibly some contributors.