Data Recovery living its last days...

So over the past week I have been crunching code 9 till 5 and it is really nice to see final products of my effort.
In the same time though I hardy have any time left to do data recovery and that just needs plenty of time for R&D. I rather spend that time learning and getting closer to a MPD certificate.. 

Today I stopped my ad words and shut down my data recovery site and no longer recover data.

Even that said it seems that I have allot more requests from people to make them some nice websites for some good cash.

Farewell long nights of reverse engineering and hello long nights of jQuery and ASP... hahaha ;]


Penny said…


Dear Piotr,

Hope you are well throughout this freezo winter.:) Guess what...:) I just realized that th hard drives I got from you have not been activated!:) I was so used to the La Cie I just thought it was all set up!
Sooooooooo I have no idea what is being backed up. Can You help?

Sorry I am just confused, as I want my stuff to be backed up especially some important at the moment stuff and I don't know what's what or where is where... I am, obviously, not to mechanicaly minded.

If you have some time over the weekend, Could you take me thru this stuff. ? It would be soooooooooo appreciated.

Best Julia
I sent this to you at the address I usually send the funnies to , but it came back) Sounds a bit like a song....dunnit?:) So now thatit has been returned to sender...atl least you are alive!!:) Iam unable to find the number I had for you...anyway, can you just drop a line...when you have the time...
Penny said…
The following message to was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
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