Clean Room Module - Prototype

So expanding on my knowledge in PIC programming and some excellent components that are reasonably priced and considered excellent alternatives to industrial.. on mostly somewhat out dated and very expensive equipment.

Here I have a prototype of a Sanyo Particle Sensor that is sensitive to 0.1mg per cubic metre (mg/m3) and a Dallas OneWire temperature sensor.

Using this prototype I can add more features with temperature sensors as far away as 50metres using Dallas onewire technology up to 10-20 sensors. The only limit it space on the LCD. All data can be related via a serial output or averaged out.. etc.  Chemical sensors can be added such as ozone, diesel, co2 and some others. Units can even be stand alone running on WIFI or LAN with built in webserver.

The cost of expanding this prototype is only limited by how much you want to spend.

Here is a quick demonstration of the prototype. It updates every 800ms because the temperature sensor need 800ms to send/receive data. The actual particle sensor can update as fast as 10ms. So can the temperature but an external onewire ic is required to drive the onewire network. It is all a matter of needs and cost again.

I suspect that this version demonstrated in alpha version built into a PCB with connectors and a nice housing could be should for about £100 ~ £120.

*November 2012
Found this documentation from Sparkfuns comments. Could be invaluable to some people.