How to Install Avast 5 Silent and insert key automatically using batch files

---- Overview

One issue allot of people are having is the migration from avst 4 to avast 5.
Personally i like the new Avast 5 GUI, its user friendly i looks new and fresh and instead of two icons in your task bar you only have one.

Now allot of people trying to post install / silent install Avast 5 are trying to use methods Avast 4 used. You need to forget all that because there is a new way of doing this. This is what Avast Dev Team learnt when they went to Microsoft at Redmond and implemented into Avast 5. Its actually simple.. with the right tools. :)

There is a download link here that you will need to download and follow a few steps before you can re-use the installer many times over without having to copy and paste serial numbers.

--- Version 1.1

There has been allot of interest in my script and had some feedback.
In particular Alain QuarrĂ© upgraded my original script and added these features:
  • 32bit and 64bit registry adding support
  • If batch ran without administrative rights it will warn you. You will need to right click run as administrator
  • If the "setup.exe" file is missing it will stop and inform you.
This inspired me to tweak the batch furthermore and i made it easier to change or insert your personal key.
Edit the batch and notice these lines.

set RegData=e59 ... a74
set Registration=bcffcfffc ... f4a29b1ffffffff

Replace the long string of characters to yours.
Please note that there cannot be any spaces after '='  and no spaces after the last characters in the set lines.

You can download version 1.1 here.

--- V1.2 (drawing baord)
No script yet. but if you want to migrate the settings of your avast files you can find them at

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Alwil Software\Avast5\

-Thanks to H0ll0W from avast forum i found this location- there should be an ini file there

Will try and update the script so that it will deploy an .ini file if you put one in the bin folder...

--- How to extract the binary key.
Go to and register to get your free key.
Download the free version and install it normally.
Use they key that you got in your email.

* On a 32bit version Windows and after installing and activating Avast you need to open regedit and goto "HKLM\SOFTWARE\ALWIL Software\Avast\5.0"

*There you need to copy data from two keys. "Registration" and "RegData" These values contain binary data. The best way to do this is export the whole node to a file and edit it. There you will see these entries with containg data like hex:00,11,22,etc

*copy only the data after hex: and remove all the commas! Do this for each key. You should end up with a long string, one line eg '0A4FE ... CDH'

-Now you are ready to test it on a new system (or uninstall you current avast,reboot, and use your new batch installer to test it)

*** It is very important to add these keys before Avast 5 Installs!! If you install it first then try to change the keys (even in admin mode) you will get access denied! and it will not activate the trial mode (there are tools to bypass this but its beyond the scope of this post) This is a built in feature of Avast to stop other threads changing critical data for its normal operation.

Good Luck and thank for all the productive feedback.


Anonymous said…
Dear friend, you can upload in other site? download stop in 16 MB always.
PKula said…
I made just a zip with the important batch file inside of it.
Good Luck
Anonymous said…
don't work maybe I'm doing something wrong.
thanks anyway.
Anonymous said…
How do you customize the installation? I am using only file and web shield, the other such as p2p, im, and etc. I don't even use it.
tttony said…
Thanks for the info but can you upload that file to megaupload or rapidshare??