Trip to South Africa

Welcome to Margate on the South Coast of South Africa. Warm waters, golden beaches, excellent sea food and fantastic parties during any holiday seasons...

Lake Eland Game Reserve in Oribi Gorge 40km off the South Coast, Port Shepstone.

Me walking on a suspended platform. Very dodgey safety features and flimsey railings. Even though it looks like nothing on this video it sure did allot of adrelaline pumping. If you ever in the area i suggest trying this.. and there is also the worlds longest longdrop in the area. :) Check out the full albums below.

Shipwrecked Nightingale (1933) on the beach of Munster.

Enjoying a Black Label on the Hartebeespoort Dam with Jose' on a enjoyable boat trip.

Links to albums
Hartebeesport Dam 8-11-2009

Oribi Gorge and Lake Eland South Coast

Margate - Uvongo Beach - 14-11-09

Margate Beach

Margate - Munster Beach - 13-11-09