Getting into a Mac

This is one of few macs I repaired. This one was pretty awesome though. I needed to replace the hard drive and cdrom

The reason this mac is so interesting is because the motherboard is round. You can't say you've seen many of those :)

I had to remove the Cdrom tray before the bay came out. It took me while to realise that but a good thing I know how to remove a tray from a cdrom without breaking it.

So fine and dandy I remove the faulty seagate apple hdd insert connect a new IDE drive and CDROM. Now thanks to previous repairs I learnt that a mac doesn't use a bios but a firmware bootloader. Like an iPhone firmware. In order to boot a cd you have to press C. One hour passes while mac is x leopard installed ...

Viola it's in mac is x. I don't have a complete photo I lost it. But it sure is a nice bit of kit :)