My first 'KULA Expedition' Destination

Well the first place i visited was in fact Kulas Bar. This started from a blog i posted a while back.
It was closed down and empty, I suspect its because of this recesion.

Then i found a nice bridge (Did i mention i like bridges) and took a bunch of photos which i stiched up with a nice application to give a panorama type view or wide angle.

Got to the first beach which was in Sunderland still. There i found an interesting bay - and lighthouse...

After spending a few hours in Sunderland i set course due North down to Scarborugh. This meant going through the Yorkshire Dales. Luckily nowadays they have main roads that go straight through these hilly and crazily steep country side. But i took the side roads =] Awesome.
[This is the actrual place on the maps. The blue line is not exactly the route i took.... but it sure felt like it!! :) ]

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Then i got lost... which i love doing! :) It makes it more fun. I found this tunnel, stopped and went through it. This is what i found....

I kept on walkin... and found this...

Must be one of Britians best beaches.... but no foooking sign posts to it! The sand is golden, like river sand, hardly any people and stunning view and places to chill... Astounding...

Just after Yorkshire Dales, i had to take this wierd crane operated bridge... :)

And finally i got to Scarborough... :) It was late and i just chilled on the coast for a while and get ready for a 2 hour drive back home.

All the photos here.
Adventure to Yorkshire Dales